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Blog Number 1 – The Rants of Social Care Trainers..
Caroline Bartle and Trish O’Hara have a long history in social care and training.   We have decided that blogging our
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Dementia Environment
Improving the dementia environment at home Jun 2014 CAROLINE BARTLE provides a comprehensive checklist for identifying areas of the home
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A is for Abuse
A is for abuse; A is for action Nov 2013 CAROLINE BARTLE discusses the startling prevalence of abuse of older
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Passion and Vision
Passion and Vision: Leadership in Dementia Care May 2013 CAROLINE BARTLE discusses a knowledge management strategy that helps leaders in
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Lended Learning
Blended Learning the Way Forward January 2013 CAROLINE BARTLE discussing the advantages of a blended learning approach for training in the
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Dementia and Nutrition
Dementia and Nutrition September 2012 CAROLINE BARTLE discusses the importance of good nutrition for people with dementia and gives some
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Dementia Care
Dementia Care: More than Treading Water July 2012 CAROLINE BARTLE says dementia care training should enable people to provide care
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