Safeguarding Consultancy Projects

Work we have completed:

  • Worked with organisations to learn from safeguarding incidents using a Root Cause Analysis
  • Used a mix of consultancy / mentoring and training to review current safeguarding systems and to put in place an action plan
  • Worked with organisations to put in place preventative strategies for safeguarding using our PREVENT Tool
  • Completed a safeguarding managers training day and developed an action plan following this

Day Centres Consultancy Projects

Work we have completed:

  • Undertaken a review of policies
  • Identified key performance indicators that reflect commissioning requirements as well as national policy
  • Completed an audit of the social AND physical environments to show how these are hindering / supporting organisational objectives
  • Reviewed specific project work to see if outcomes have been met
  • Worked with participants of the ‘clubs’ to see how the service is meeting individual well-being
  • Developed and supported employment programmes
  • Support to meet Advocacy QPM standards

Health and Safety Consultancy Projects

Work we have completed:

  • Carried out a review of health and safety procedures
  • Developed plans to manage staff absenteeism and sickness
  • Worked with organisations to carry out moving and positioning risk assessments and then delivered targeted training
  • Completed an independent review of a major incident to identify the contributory factors that lead to death / harm
  • Worked with organisation to help them evidence health and safety processes for CQC – Safe inspections
  • Completed a fire safety risk assessment
  • The development and management of GDPR compliance procedures

Residential Services Consultancy Projects

Work we have completed:

  • Completed a stakeholder and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to identify growth areas
  • Facilitated a ‘team day’ to establish a cohesive strategic direction
  • Supported the development of organisation’s mental capacity assessment protocols. This has been delivered with a mix of training and consultancy
  • Reviewed and redesigned support plans to be more person-centred and strength based
  • Worked with teams to develop support plans for individuals that have challenging communication
  • Completed a comprehensive dementia environment audit and made low cost recommendations for change. Followed up the audit with targeted training
  • Worked with organisations to develop tools to monitor and report on levels of well-being

Start Ups Consultancy Projects

Work we have completed:

  • Developed a business case for start ups to support their application for funding
  • Completed market reviews, identifying the local commissioning plans to develop new businesses including care homes and support living
  • Provided comprehensive training to staff before businesses open to ensure skill sets are in place to support complex needs

Local Authority Consultancy Projects

Work we have completed:

  • Developed and delivered a number of learning pathways
  • Carried out robust impact assessments on learning programmes
  • Facilitated the implementation of an outcome focused recording tool
  • Facilitated a head of service team day after the merger of two local authorities
  • Delivered a culture change programme around utilising strength-based approaches
  • Reviewed their financial assessment processes and delivered bespoke training targeted at improving financial assessments

How we Conduct our Consultancy Services

Learn more about how we conduct our consultancy services here.

Cost of our Consultancy Services

Our service provides an excellent return on investment. Our rates our charged at a fixed daily rate and include the preparation of a detailed report. To find out more about how we can help you please email us at or call us on 01442 368464 .