Remote Supervision

Under our Remote Supervision service, we will supply remote Supervision to your service on either a 1-1 or a group supervision basis.  A choice of the following types of Supervision are available:

One to One Management Supervision

  • Review their performance.
  • Set priorities/objectives in line with the organisation’s objectives and service needs.
  • Identify training and continuing development needs.

One to One Professional Supervision

  • Review professional standards.
  • Keep up to date with developments in their profession.
  • Identify professional training and continuing development needs.
  • Ensure that they are working within professional codes of conduct and boundaries.

Group Supervision – Themed

  • Reflect on and review their practice.
  • Discuss individual cases / specific issues in depth.
  • Change or modify their practice and identify training and continuing development needs.

Supervision Details

Supervision can be purchased on a one off or ongoing basis, by agreement.

All Supervision meetings will last for one hour unless formal agreement to extend is agreed by both parties in advance.

Clear objectives will be submitted by the supervisee at least 48 hours prior to the supervision taking place.  These objectives will be the focus of the supervision. A maximum of four objectives can be addressed in any supervision for 1-1 meetings. For group supervision, one theme will be addressed in each supervision meeting.

The supervisor will make notes and compile the supervision record following the supervision meeting. The meeting record will be forwarded to the supervisee within 48 hours of the meeting taking place.

A Supervision contract will be agreed and signed by both / all parties prior to the supervision taking place.  This will include the following:

  • Purpose of and type of Supervision
  • Confidentiality
  • Roles / Boundaries
  • Responsibility & Accountability
  • Frequency
  • Location / Environment
  • Objective Setting
  • Content
  • Record of supervision
  • Emergency contact

In light of COVID-19, utilising support at this critical time will enable you to target your resources, manage risks more effectively and crucially support the wellbeing of your staff team.


Prices are individually tailored to client’s needs. To find out more please email