CQC Mock Inspections

Commissioning services and regulatory bodies regularly update guidelines and standards which services are expected to meet.  The pressure and expectation to evidence performance is ever increasing and care services may not always capture evidence consistently to show compliance. Poor inspection outcomes can have significant impacts on profitability as well as on the morale of whole staff teams.

Preparation for inspections provide organisations with the opportunity to showcase their achievement and can often lead to positive outcomes for individuals in receipt of support.

Common Challenges that Organisations Face 

  1. Good at providing care but poor at evidencing it
  2. Lack of investment in quality protocols which demonstrate compliance
  3. Policy in paper and not in practice
  4. Quality protocols are in place, but data is not used to improve services
  5. Training, learning and mentoring is in place but not adequately evidenced. For example, only face to face training is evidenced and sometimes without specific learning outcomes/ details relevant to role
  6. No clear audit trail linking strategic goals to deliverable actions
  7. Poor systems in place for the recruitment and retention of staff
  8. Disproportionate focus on profitability over client outcomes
  9. Staff team completely unaware of what KLOEs are and how their day to day work is relevant to these

How we can Help

The 3 Spirit team is a collaborative of high skilled consultants and trainers that have specific areas of interest within health and social care. Our team is experienced at delivering mock inspections and supporting organisations to achieve outstanding results.

Our Mock Inspections & Audits

  1. Offer an opportunity to experience an inspection: offering it in a safe way as a practice run
  2. Are measured against the same standards used by CQC, including the ‘The Key Lines of Enquiry’ (KLOES) and Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well led
  3. Offer detailed feedback provided from a different perspective
  4. Provide space to take a step back, reflect and review
  5. Provide specific action plans for improvements
  6. Support your team’s growth, knowledge and confidence
  7. May highlight actions for specific team members that inspectors may talk to
  8. May prepare service users as inspectors may also target them

The Mock Inspection can be Delivered in Two Different Ways

1. Unannounced Inspection

The inspection is carried out over 1 to 2 days and this is dependant on the size of the service. This is followed by a detailed report. An unannounced visit requires a letter of authorisation to allow the mock inspector access to everything required on the day.

The day involves observations, access to data, documents used, all areas of the service, discussion with staff, users of the service and family members if appropriate.

The inspection does not infringe on the day to day service provision or infringe on anyone’s personal care or rights.

Where the mock inspection is unannounced the only preparation required is to provide information on the background of your service, any concerns, or any areas you wish us to focus on.

2. Announced Inspection

You may also take an option of an announced mock inspection. However, when staff know they are being observed this can change behaviour and may not provide an accurate interpretation of the service.

The same process is followed as detailed above.

Steps in the Inspection Process

  1. Development plan completed
  2. Contracts signed setting out fees, non-disclosures, terms of payment and agreed goals
  3. Letter of authority from the provider
  4. Allocation of consultant with DBS and photo ID
  5. Planning letter sent including name of person going in, times, date, duration etc
  6. Mock inspection completed
  7. Report provided with key action
  8. Follow up consultancy on key actions (optional)
  9. Training for staff team on KLOE’s (optional)

Cost of our Service

Our service provides an excellent return on investment. Our rates our charged at a fixed daily rate and include the preparation of a detailed report. To find out more about how we can help you please email us at info@3spirituk.com or call us on 01442 368464 .