EOL and Learning Disabilities

  • State Government policy and guidelines which relate to end of life care
  • Describe what is meant by the term ‘end of life care’
  • Describe what makes death a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ experience
  • Identify factors which may influence achieving a ‘good’ experience for a person with LD
  • Describe ways of overcoming potential barriers to enable an individual to experience a ‘good’ death
  • Describe the purpose of advanced care planning including: ‘advance statement of wishes’ and ‘advance decision to refuse treatment’
  • Identify the key people who may be involved within a multi-disciplinary end of life care team
  • Describe what is meant by the term ‘last offices’
  • To identify the potential impact of the death of a service user upon other service users
  • To understand the potential impact of caring for a person at end of life on one’s own wellbeing and identify a range of support mechanisms
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