How We Conduct our Consultancy Services

We aim to

  • Take a partnership approach to the design, delivery and implementation of the business process
  • Work with employers in a flexible way to enable the most effective use of limited resources
  • Ensure that all development programmes are designed from occupational standards, local policy and are evidenced based
  • Promote anti-racist, anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice in the design and delivery of our development programmes
  • Encourage organisations that we work with to explore the interpersonal nature of their work by offering constructive criticism that will enable them to develop a value-based approach to work
  • Work with organisations to develop and cascade material that is accessible to all stakeholders
  • Develop work practices that encourage positive risk taking whilst appropriately utilising the framework of law
  • Champion co-production and foster wide stakeholder engagement
  • Encourage debate and value different perspectives though transitions of change
  • Encourage organisations to consider sustainability, business process and contingency planning from a value-based perspective
  • Actively seek feedback from candidates and customers on the quality of the performance and share this information with stakeholders concerned to promote a transparent service
  • Identify and utilise organisational strengths to capacity building in development areas
  • Encourage preventative strategies to safeguarding

Examples of Consultancy Projects Completed

Learn more about how we supported our clients through consultancy here.

Cost of our Consultancy Services

Our service provides an excellent return on investment. Our rates our charged at a fixed daily rate and include the preparation of a detailed report. To find out more about how we can help you please email us at or call us on 01442 368464 .