EPA are managed by an impartial organisation known as a Registered Apprenticeship Assessment Organisation (RAAO). 3 Spirit UK aims to achieve this accreditation. The impartial nature of the assessment is key to ensuring that the assessment is objective and an accurate reflection of the learner’s knowledge skills and behaviours.

The EPA is in place to ensure that a structured assessment takes place impartially to ascertain the apprentices’ competence. The test is designed to be ‘synoptic’ which takes an overall summary of knowledge, skills and behaviour. The EPA may consist of a number of different types of external assessments. However as 3 Spirit UK delivers health and social care qualifications the specific process of EPA is set out in the ‘assessment-plan’  as set out in the Guidance for Apprenticeship Assessment Organisations (AAO).

3 Spirit UK aims to be a confident choice for the employer and training provider to choose as a Registered Apprenticeship Assessment Organisation. 3 Spirit UK will draw upon its many years of occupational expertise in the industry, alongside an excellent reputation of first class training delivery in promoting its robust, and impartial EPA service.

3 Spirit UK will work with training providers and/or employers to ensure that learners are ready to be assessed. This will be supported with easy to read, accessible information outlining the process of EPA. In addition, 3 Spirit UK will work with the training providers and employers to offer sample ‘diagnostic’ material so that the learners and training providers can best prepare for the end point assessment. For all apprenticeships, a set period of training will need to be finished before the EPA begins – a minimum of 12 months or longer.


If you are interested in learning more about the EPA process please contact info@3spirituk.com