Mandatory / Update Training Courses

We have a wide range of Mandatory / Update Courses for you to boost your skills or learn something new. All of our courses are supported with comprehensive course resources. Please take a moment to browse what is on offer.

All of our courses can be delivered at your location, at a specifically arranged at a local venue OR online.

Contact us on 01442 368464 to discuss your specific training requirements.

Copyright © 3SpiritUK: Please note that all of our course programmes are copyright protected. Whilst we encourage the use of our resources to improve our social impact we do not give permission for individuals to copy the design of our programmes without the necessary permissions. Please support our work by working with us and requesting the necessary permissions where required.

Mandatory Courses Brochure

The outcomes within this brochure are for our standard courses. Most of these subject areas also have a similar course available with a slant towards either those working with specific needs, for example neurological disorder, learning disabilities, mental health, older people or drugs and alcohol. Please contact us for further information about these bespoke courses. Copyright © 3SpiritUK

Mental Health Brochure

  • Mental Health Awareness 
  • Crisis Risk Management 
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Working with Personality Disorder 
  • Mental Health Awareness in Young People 
  • Mental Health and Dementia  
  • Mental Health First Response 
  • Integrated Working in Hoarding 
  • Hoarding Awareness 
  • First Aid for Mental Health (Regulated Course)
  • Mental Health and Learning Disability
  • Leadership Courses on Mental Health and Wellbeing 
  • Promoting Wellbeing in Workplace 
  • Stress Awareness 
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Psychosis Training
  • Awareness in Eating Disorders
  • Self-Harm, Suicide and Ligature Cutters

Copyright © 3SpiritUK

Learning Disabilities & Autism Brochure

Whilst this training brochure details our standard courses, we know that these may not be suitable for every setting and in every circumstance.
If you wish to speak to us about your specific requirements, we would be more than happy to tailor a course which meets your individual needs. Where required we are also able to develop programmes around a specific client’s needs. Please contact us for further information about these bespoke courses. Copyright © 3SpiritUK

Safeguarding Brochure

Safeguarding is at the core of social care. Therefore accessing high impact and targeted safeguarding training can really improve both individual and organisational outcomes. 3 Spirit has extensive experience in supporting services to meet their safeguarding requirements. Download our safeguarding brochure. Copyright © 3SpiritUK

Dementia Care Brochure

The 3 Spirit Team are amongst the most experienced providers of dementia care workforce development, and offering one of the most extensive ranges of dementia courses in the country. Download our brochure. Copyright © 3SpiritUK

Social Work Brochure

Our social work programme is underpinned by strength-based agenda and guarantees lively discussions around the challenges and opportunities that excellent social work brings. Informed by co-production, empirical research, practice theories, ethical principles and experiential knowledge our social work programmes offer space for reflection and change. Copyright © 3SpiritUK

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EOL and Learning Disabilities
State Government policy and guidelines which relate to end of life care Describe what is meant by the term ‘end
Read more.
Learning Outcomes Define ‘Epilepsy’ Identify causes of epilepsy Describe types of seizures Describe the impact of epilepsy on a person’s
Read more.
Falls Awareness
Define the term: ‘fall’ Describe the potential consequences of a fall. Identify those people at most risk of falling Identify
Read more.
Fire Marshall Training
4 Hours State the basic relevant legislation Demonstrate a knowledge of how a fire develops and behaves Recognise how to
Read more.
Fire Safety
3 Hours Understand the composition of fire Understand how fires spread Know the main causes of fire Appreciate basic fire
Read more.
First Aid
3 Hours Understand the role of first aider in dealing with an emergency situation Act promptly and effectively in the
Read more.
Food Hygiene
3 Hours Describe the main principles of safe food management Identify the main types of food safety hazards Describe what
Read more.
Food Hygiene and Nutrition
3 Hours Identify the main principles of food safety Describe the causes and symptoms of food poisoning Put in measures
Read more.
Health and Adult Care Level 2 Diploma
Name of Course TQUK Level 2 Diploma in Care (RQF). Who is the course suitable for? Anybody working in the
Read more.
Health and Safety
3 Hours Deliver responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act Identify main causes of injury at work within
Read more.
Infection Control
3 Hours Identify standard precautions and explain common terms/definitions Describe the cause and transmission of infection Explain legislation in the prevention
Read more.