Mandatory / Update Training Courses

We have a wide range of Mandatory / Update Courses for you to boost your skills or learn something new. All of our courses are supported with comprehensive course resources. Please take a moment to browse what is on offer.

These courses can be delivered at your location or specifically arranged at a local venue for the convenience of your staff.

Contact us on 01442 531105 to discuss your specific training requirements.

Safeguarding Brochure

Safeguarding is at the core of social care. Therefore accessing high impact and targeted safeguarding training can really improve both individual and organisational outcomes. 3 Spirit has extensive experience in supporting services to meet their safeguarding requirements. Download our safeguarding brochure below.

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Dementia Care Brochure

The 3 Spirit Team are amongst the most experienced providers of dementia care workforce development, and offering one of the most extensive ranges of dementia courses in the country. Download our brochure below.

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Social Work Brochure

Our social work programme is underpinned by strength-based agenda and guarantees lively discussions around the challenges and opportunities that excellent social work brings. Informed by co-production, empirical research, practice theories, ethical principles and experiential knowledge our social work programmes offer space for reflection and change.

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3 or 5 Hours Identify how the 6 principles underpin empowerment, choice and risk Identify the risk factors of abuse
Read more.
Safeguarding for Managers
5 Hours Identify what type of case constitutes a Safeguarding investigation Report, record and share information appropriately State the investigative
Read more.
Safer Moving and Positioning
3 Hours Describe the basic anatomy of the spine Describe the legislation relevant to moving and positioning, and how this
Read more.
Setting a Strategy for Safeguarding and Root Cause Analysis
Define the operational activities that impact on safeguarding Recruitment Training Relevant protocols (boundaries, sharing data, limits of authority, decision making,
Read more.
Sexuality, Intimacy and Dementia
Define the terms ‘intimacy’ and ‘sexuality’ Explain how society’s attitudes towards sexuality, and ageing can lead to the restriction of
Read more.
Stroke Awareness
Define what is meant by a Stroke State the main causes of a Stroke Identify the risk factors that place
Read more.
Supervision Training
3 or 5 Hours Define the purpose of supervision Identify National Essential Standard requirements Recognise the difference between appraisals and
Read more.
Understanding Sensory Loss
5 Hours Define sensory loss Identify the social and psychological impact of communication difficulties on the individual Identify main causes
Read more.
Valuing Diversity
3 or 5 Hours Explain the following three terms: equality, diversity and rights Describe examples of promoting equality in the
Read more.
Working with Challenge
3 or 5 Hours Recognise the common triggers of challenging behaviours Understand the role of risk assessment in working with
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Working with Complex Needs
5 Hours Understand how physiological and cognitive difficulties can create complex needs Consider how complex needs can impact on practice
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