Medication Training for Home Care

  • Define the difference between prompt, assist and administer
  • State the key principles of the HC42 and your organisations policy
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the limits and accountability of the role
  • Recognise what a properly completed HC42 form should look like
  • Recognise the impact of poor practice in the administration of medication
  • Identify the course of action to take when a client requests support to administer non prescribed medication
  • Identify how, what and where to report omissions, refusals or concerns
  • Measure out medication where required confidently and take appropriate action where medication is out of date
  • Communicate the issues effectively and appropriately to your clients regarding medication and the role of the care worker within that
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of safely administering medication, following written instructions
  • State some of the common side effects of medication
  • Recognise how to administer ear drops, eye drops, tablets, inhalers, creams and ointments
  • Complete the HC42 medication chart appropriately
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