Dementia Training Bundle – Dementia Awareness


This 3Spirit Dementia Training Bundle has been put together to support the content of a typical ‘dementia awareness’ session.

A3 Poster Cards x 4
A4 Discussion Cards x 25
Downloadable Jpeg’s & Pdf’s x 10

Total files: 39

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This 3Spirit Dementia Training Bundle has been put together to support the content of a typical ‘dementia awareness’ session. Our visual resources are engaging, accessible and although developed from research are grounded in practice.

The Topics Covered Include

  • How own attitudes impact on the way we work with people with dementia
  • The risk factors in developing dementia
  • Factors in the environment, medical and social that cause confusion that can be supported
  • Ways of dealing with different realities
  • How to spot signs of delirium

The Pack Includes

Printed 2 x A3 Poster Card (total of 4 posters)

  1. Stigma and Dementia – Causes and consequences of stigma
  2. Mind Echoes – Other Factors that Cause Confusion

Printed 5 x A4 Discussion Cards (total of 25 cards)

  1. Stigma and Dementia – Causes and consequences of stigma
  2. Alzheimers – Risk Factors in Developing Dementia
  3. Mind Echoes – Other Factors that Cause Confusion
  4. Delirium – Way to prevent delirium
  5. Dealing with Different Realities – Ways to respond to different realities

Digital Jpeg & Pdf files

  1. Interactive Pdf’s with Embedded Links – One of each – total 7 files
  2. Jpeg Files – One of each – total 7 files

A3 Printed Card Posters 

These can be used in two ways, they can either be placed on the walls as a poster, for example a staff room or training room to create discussion. Alternatively, they can be used within the teaching sessions to highlight points. A3 Printed Card Posters are useful when there is no projector at hand.

Jpeg files can we used across social media and in power point presentations. The Pdf files can be used to support handouts. Some of the Pdf files include embedded links to further resources.

Infographics Licence For Use
The infographic is subject to copyright law. This purchase entitles you to use the resource multiple times for individual learning and/or training.  You should not try and adapt the resource in any way, remove the logo or email or share the resource with another person without the express permission of 3Spirit Enterprise UK Ltd. Read full Terms & conditions here.