Sexuality, Intimacy and Dementia

  • Define the terms ‘intimacy’ and ‘sexuality’
  • Explain how society’s attitudes towards sexuality, and ageing can lead to the restriction of human rights in the care setting
  • Describe how dementia may impact on feelings of intimacy and sexual behaviour
  • Identify conditions that may impact on sexual expression/activity in older people
  • Identify the powers and limits of legislative frameworks in supporting capacity, consent and sexual relationships when a person has dementia
  • Give examples of poor practice in your own organisation in relationship to intimacy, sexuality and dementia
  • Describe different ways an individual can express sexuality and how individual preferences may be supported
  • Explain how to support an individual to keep safe, to minimise sexual exploitation and instances of abuse
  • Describe strategies for supporting sexuality, and intimacy for people with dementia living in services
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