Simon’s Health and Social Care Story

At 3SpiritUK we are passionate about showcasing all of the brilliant work those in the health and social care industry do, everyday. Simon is a deputy manager who is working towards his Level 5 Health and Social Care training with 3SpiritUK and here is his story:

“I have been working in care for 18 years, I used to be an electrical engineer but was looking for a career change after the stress of an unfulfilling job, working long hours became overpowering. My friend who was also working in care suggested that I would be a great support worker, due to my qualities. The role offered a great work-life balance meaning I could fit my career around my children. I soon gained a promotion and gradually became a manager and opened up a new home with 6 clients. I have done all relevant training alongside working towards my Level 5 in Health and Social Care and now am happy in my career as a deputy manager.

I enjoy my job as a deputy manager as it is the best of both worlds; I am able to do shifts and also work within an office environment. I enjoy the practical side of work that the care industry offers, in my previous office based role I found myself become dethatched from the job and my team, the ‘hands-on’ side of care has not only gained me respect, it has also been extremely fulfilling in my everyday tasks. Despite the fact that this can be difficult to manage sometimes due to multitasking many duties at once, particularly over the recent pandemic, I have found that I thrive under pressure and enjoy keeping busy.

Over the last 18 months with the help of training that I have received I have learnt about working with people with mental health issues and learning disabilities, moving and handling training, which is a skill I was not familiar with before, and working with different client groups including those with both with physical and emotional support needs.

I have learned so much about the care industry, including the importance of ‘thinking on my feet’. My team and myself have gone through so much during the pandemic –. I believe that this has brought myself and my colleagues together. I work for a large organisation who at the time were working from home whilst we were on the front line, which meant that we faced several challenges including illness and isolation, COVID-19 outbreaks and emotional and physical strain, which was not only extremely worrying but also frightening. However, everyone pulled together as a team, taking on extra-hours and pulling their weight so we could meet the demands of the job I believe that from my personal experience, these are some of the qualities necessary to make a good support staff member. “

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