Improving Support At Home

 Learn about how Home Spirit came about

Home Spirit is an online portal designed to support people living with dementia to make timely decisions about their care and support. The overall aim of the portal is to prevent further decline in wellbeing. The portal consists of 4 main tools:

  • Post Diagnostic Planning Tool (FREE access for people with dementia)
  • Person Centred Planning Tool (to co-produce goals around support)
  • Environment audit Tool (to make recommendations about changes / technologies that may be appropriate to improve wellbeing)
  • Circle of Support Tool (to identify people that are important in the person’s life)

The tool has three access points:

  • For services providers, such as support at home (homecare) or supported living
  • For families
  • For individuals living with dementia

For service providers the tool can:

  • Support co-production
  • Reduce hospital admission and risk of falls through environment assessment
  • Support clients to function optimally in their home environment through environment assessment
  • Support clients to build networks of support
  • Support staff to observe better, and report better through bite size learning
  • Support training via access all of our infographics / learning resources
  • Produce reports for families on suggested improvements to the home environment and available technologies
  • Produce person centred care plans at a push of a button.


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Visit the Home Spirit website for more information