Learn more about our consultancy services and how we can support your service here. You can also view our completed social care consultancy projects here.

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Our Consultancy Services Include:

1. Supporting to Meet Standards   

Respond to recommendations from CQC, local authority inspection reports or audits. Short term transitional management to facilitate change and ensure action planning targets are achieved.

2. Mock CQC Inspections

This service offers a CQC style inspection and report – this provides an accurate snapshot of how well your organisation is performing against the CQC standards. This will include an action plan for improvements. Click here for more information on how we conduct our CQC Mock Inspections.

3. External Supervision   

Long arm supervision to support proprietors,  directors or managers to achieve their goals in a structured way. This can be offered on a short term basis to manage change or crises or a long term basis to support development and expansion of your service. Click here for more information on our External Supervision service.

4. Knowledge Management 

A strategic review of how learning happens in your organisation, including how to identify return on investment (ROI) from training and development. This will also include development of learning pathways for the staff team which are linked to National Occupational Standards. This service is free of charge to anyone who uses our training services.

5. Targeted Intervention Workshops  

Bespoke training to your staff team in response to specific areas of conflict and challenge – Substantive work is completed in the pre-planning stage to understand the challenges faced for the individual and the organisation. Dealing with hard to engage or other challenges can be costly and impacts negatively on staff morale and turnover. Detailed person centred planning with interventions will be provided alongside training.

6. Direct Client Support 

Experienced support directly to people who use your service in areas such as anger management,   groupwork, person centred planning and self directed support

7. Client Workshops 

Raising awareness for the people who use your services to enhance inclusion,  diversity and community care. These interventions work well in communal settings. Workshops are bespoke to meet individual needs and can include, Safeguarding, Human Rights, Person Centred Planning,  Risk Tasking and Decision Making.

8. Achieving Dementia Accreditation  

This service offers advice and project management to develop your services in line with local requirements for dementia accreditation. This service will include initial audit of service and key point recommendation plan.

9. Independent Social Work – Best Interests Assessment 

Qualified Social Workers and Brokers to support service users to access Direct Payments and Self Directed Support. On our team we have a qualified social worker who has completed the additional training to carry out  Mental Capacity assessments. Within this service we are also able to offer advice and support regarding Deprivation of Liberty Applications.

Our charges are based on our skill levels. We believe that service users should have access to training and development in order to have meaningful involvement in the direction of their services. To achieve this, our direct client work is charged a substantially reduced rate.

Charges vary from £35 per hour to £100 per hour. A full costing is offered at proposal stage.

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