Social Impact Report

Leading change through education in health and social care

Despite challenges faced in our sector, our service has grown by 28% since last year which has improved our reach and impact. We have seen incremental improvements in efficiency and sustainability without compromising core values. 

We have grown into new areas such as mental health and well-being and extended our current provision in safeguarding including launching our first Level 5 accredited course in Safeguarding. To enable us to reach the wider community outside of the social care arena, we have utilised technology and social media platforms to collaborate broadly in the development of new resources and continue to share our resources widely. 

We are privileged to witness some of the transformational work that is going on in the context of individual relationships and in organisations. We understand the challenges the workforce experience and greatly value the time given to support in the development of skills.

We have invested heavily in mechanisms for reviewing the impacts of training and this has led to important insights and the targeted development of new tools enabling the practical application of learning.

We have been fortunate to work with many inspirational and passionate trainers who have given their time generously to our work and have made measurable differences to people’s lives. 

Due to the current political situation we have seen cuts in funding which has meant that services are often unable to fund training or invest in understanding the impact of training. In our community, some services have gone into liquidation, unable to maintain the sustainable balance. 

Local authorities have (in some cases) rebalanced value calculations in favour of cost over quality. This has meant that critical practices that support transition from learning to practice cannot be funded. Organisations have placed barriers around joint working because of commercial sensitivity which has limited our opportunities for sharing skills and resources to improve outcomes. 

As an external provider, we have experienced ongoing challenges directly monitoring the impacts on quality of life of the person in receipt of care and support. However, we have continued to work in partnership with providers to find creative workarounds to understanding client outcomes from training. 

Despite these challenges we have been able to have a quantifiable impact in our work. In this report we have documented the reach of our work and highlighted some examples of the specific differences our work is having in individual lives and in communities. 

Caroline Bartle (CEO)

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