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We have a wide range of Mandatory / Update Courses for you to boost your skills or learn something new. All of our courses are supported with comprehensive course resources. Please take a moment to browse what is on offer.

These courses can be delivered at your location or specifically arranged at a local venue for the convenience of your staff.

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3Spirit specialises in high quality learning resources and e-Learning courses in health and social care training.

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Our social work courses are suitable for individual workers in unqualified roles and/or working in allied services.

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Activities Awareness
3 Hours Appreciate the importance of occupation Gather information from a range of sources to identify the suitability of activities
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Autism Awareness
5 Hours Understand the concept of autism as a spectrum, and the implications for variations in capacities and needs of
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Care Act and Advocacy
State the main principles of the Care Act with a focus on well-being and what that means with regard to
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Child Sexual Exploitation and Cyber Bullying
5 Hours identify factors that increase young people’s vulnerability to sexual exploitation identify potential indicators of sexual exploitation describe the
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Communicating in Teams
Apply appropriate listening skills, tone, pitch and pace Understand how good communication can increase team performance and job satisfaction Utilise
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Introduction Corporate responsibility What is a hazardous substance? Substances excluded from COSHH regulations Responsibilities Control of exposure Review of COSHH
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Dementia and Communication
Identify ways to assess the communication strengths and abilities of the individual with dementia State how dementia can impact on
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Dementia and the Environment
State the different types and prevalence rates of dementia. State the key functions of the brain that are affected by
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Dementia Awareness
3 Hours State the different types of dementia Recognise common symptoms Understand other factors which can cause confusion / memory
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Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
Understand the purpose, and limits of the DoL safeguards State the difference between restrictions and DoL Identify what procedures to
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3 Hours Identify the meaning of dignity – human rights and human needs; perspectives on dignity List the dignity ‘do’s
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