Our Roots

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3SpiritUK was developed from grass roots front line practice, rather than from corporate ambition. We are a dedicated, passionate group of allied professionals from a range of backgrounds: occupational therapy, social work, nursing. We share our expertise to develop integrated resources that work across a spectrum of roles.  3SpiritUK opened its doors in 2011 with the goal of cross collaboration between all stakeholders. Our aim is to generate new and innovative ways of learning in the health and social care sector.

The founders of 3SpiritUK felt that there were opportunities to challenge the tradition of care through creative teaching and learning strategies.  We work towards giving people the confidence to challenge, speak up and contribute in positive ways. The aim was to support people to understand not just WHAT they do but WHY they do it, and how this impacts on individual lives and in turn on families and our communities.

The 3SpiritUK founders believe that not only should we support standards, but also ensure that these are not the only measure. It is essential instead to focus on individual outcomes. We ensure that quality of life be the driving force in care strategies.

The interdisciplinary background of the founders also meant that there was a commitment to supporting integrated practices, particularly in understanding that there is an ‘interlocking’ between these disciplines. We hope to influence our learners to champion holistic practices and  to appreciate the complex relationships between mental and physical wellbeing.

We work to raise the profile of the social care workforce, which is often undervalued. Our resources aim to showcase the incredible work that individual support staff do every day.