What We Do

We choose to work with services who strive to achieve “outstanding” and to equip businesses and employees with the skills, knowledge and qualifications for sustainability, growth, and resilience in the face of major incidents

3SpiritUK provide over 300 different courses to a range of services settings in health and social care. As a social enterprise our service is designed to impact the communities that we work with. This means that our learning interventions are designed differently to standard training providers.

Our Services Include:

  • Mandatory training
  • Bespoke training
  • Direct client training
  • Online training
  • Apprenticeships

We can support individuals to climb the career ladder. See our Level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care or our Apprenticeships. We also provide a range of other qualifications specific to the care sector, across a range of pathways such as autism,  learning disability, mental health and dementia care. We also run several health and social care training update courses, guaranteed to be informative, fun, engaging and challenging.

A range of funding is available to organisations wishing to use our health and social care training. To find out more about Funding Opportunities or contact us at info@3spirituk.com  Or call: 01442 368464

Development of Learning Resources

3Spirit specialises in high quality learning resources in health and social care training. A flexible solution to meeting the demands of a diverse workforce. Our courses, and related resources are designed to be powerfully thought provoking, to enable sustained changes in individuals’ practice, whilst aiming to make big differences to the lives of people who receive support. Our courses utilise the best of visual and audio delivery. Our courses are fun and meaningful.


See our people and consultancy services to see how we can work in partnership with you. Our consultancy services offer first class support to enable you to create better outcomes for all. Ask about our long-arm supervision. Our team have years of know-how in this sector. Find out more here…

Home Spirit


Home Spirit is an online person centred planning tool which can be accessed by individuals, families and services by:

  • Reducing hospital admission and risk of falls through environment assessment
  • Supporting your clients to function optimally in their home environment through environment assessment
  • Supporting your clients to build networks of support
  • Supporting your staff to observe better, and report better through bite size learning
  • Accessing all of our infographics as and when they are published for training and learning
  • Producing reports for families on suggested improvements to the home environment and available technologies

Produce person-centred care plans at a push of a button.

Find out more at www.homespirit.org