Caroline Bartle – Managing Director

Caroline has worked in the health and social care sector for 27 years, initially qualifying as a social worker. A few years later, she developed interests in learning and development, particularly its application within a ‘social enterprise’ model.

Caroline has been involved in supporting many organisations and local authorities to develop high impact learning programmes that aim to utilise prevention strategies through early intervention. The focus of her work has been within the identification and bringing together the right skills and talents to develop programmes which support the social care sector to reduce costs and alleviate pressures on resources.

Caroline’s specialist areas of training are Leadership in Dementia, Positive Interventions and Dementia Environment. In her professional practice, Caroline is committed to driving inclusive, rehabilitative approaches to dementia care.

“I really enjoy my work and do get a lot from collaborating with others. I have put this passion into developing a social enterprise that now has a whole greater than its parts.”

Holly Woods – Training & Engagement Manager

Holly is an experienced Co-ordinator and works closely with our clients to facilitate the booking process from start to finish. Highly organised, she makes sure that our trainers are where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there!

Holly oversees our training course portfolio and works with our clients to determine where courses need adapting to meet client business needs and/or learner needs. Providing a friendly and helpful first point of contact, Holly will assist in implementing a training plan, maximising the wealth of specialist knowledge each of our trainers offers, whilst ensuring that all possible funding opportunities are utilised.

Holly is also responsible for assessing and monitoring the quality, performance and consistency of our training to ensure the highest quality of teaching and learning experience for all our clients and learners. By managing attendee feedback, carrying out regular quality assessment observations of our trainers and delivering client satisfaction surveys, Holly ensures that we meet, and hopefully exceed our compliance requirements!

Lorna Gaukroger – Qualifications Manager & Lead Assessor

At the beginning of her career, Lorna trained as a Health Care Assistant working to support people with Dementia and Nursing needs. She then took on a role of a support worker, in which she worked with individuals with complex needs, including ones with learning disabilities and mental health issues. However, over the past 11 years, Lorna has worked as a care qualifications assessor. She has supported over 1000 people to achieve their National Vocational Qualifications, Apprenticeships, Care diplomas and short qualifications.

Lorna has had many challenges along her career pathway, including working with over stretched services, demotivated staff and individuals that have English as a second language. Accordingly, she was able to learn a lot in her experience, including working inclusively, being patient and flexible, working around service demands and being open minded. She has also learnt to be responsive, which is showcased in her enormous personal sense of achievement when someone who has struggled completes their qualification. In fact, many of Lorna’s early students have gone to take up leadership roles and substantive degrees in nursing and/or social work, achievements she is definitely proud of.

Lorna: “I really enjoy working with 3 Spirit as there is a strong sense of ‘working together’ and I can tap into a wealth of skills. I also love being part of a social enterprise which puts people over profit.”

Andy Rotherham – Trainer

Andy is our Autism ‘Expert by Experience’. Despite always feeling he was different, he spent most of his life not knowing why. It wasn’t until a crisis at the age of 52 did he get the answer. He was diagnosed as Autistic. This led to a period of reflection, followed by a complete change of direction in his life. He decided to embrace his Autism and the gifts it gives him, whilst learning how to best manage any challenges. He vowed to spread understanding of the full Autistic Spectrum, which led him to be invited to join our team.

Andy speaks to students on our Autism Courses as part of their training. He gives an insight into how the Autistic Mind works. From the feedback we have had, these talks are both popular and making a real difference going forward.


Trish O’Hara – Lead Trainer

Trish has worked within the Health and Social Care Sector for 30 years, gaining care experience as a home helper, support worker in learning disabilities, mental health and physical disabilities.

She has facilitated music and drama groups for people with learning disabilities and delivered client workshops in Keeping Safe, What is Abuse and Rights.

Trish then went on to manage residential and day services in London following her qualification in Advanced Management in Social Care in 1991. In 1998, Trish became a full-time trainer in Social Care and delivered courses for support staff and management, such as, Safeguarding, MCA, DOLs, Working with Challenge, Communication, Autism, Positive Risk, Learning Disabilities and Dementia, Effective Management, Supervision and Train the Trainer workshops, and various other workshops across the sector. Trish continues as a practitioner, providing client workshops for people with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health and Older People.

Trish is a qualified Assessor to Level 5 and continues to promote best practice. She is also a qualified Broker with the National Brokerage Network.

Trish has a passion for rights and the importance of inclusion and self-directed support. It is vital to challenge the tradition of care and ensure individuals are at the centre of their decision making with positive risk taking as a focus to empowerment.


Helen Behrens – Trainer

Helen is a registered nurse who has worked with older people in a variety of clinical settings for over 30 years. To increase her understanding of dementia, particularly of person centred care, she undertook and achieved the BSc in Dementia Studies at Bradford University in 2009. 

Over the past 20 years she has worked in a variety of educational organisations, including the Alzheimer’s Society, with the responsibility of developing and delivering a wide range of courses covering all aspects of health and social care: she is involved with Health and Social Care Diplomas level 2 and 3 Care and short accredited programmes, including the role of the lead Internal Verifier.

Helen believes that the quality of care can be improved by equipping staff with effective knowledge and skills. She has worked substantively in acute settings to improve the quality of care for people with dementia and has a vast subject knowledge in this area. Helen has developed and delivered a cascade training programme for qualified staff which is currently in its sixth year.

In partnership with 3SpiritUK and HCPA, Helen has contributed to the East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group Vanguard which focuses on enhancing the skills and confidence of care home staff through a package of education and training.

Helen, in partnership with us, has co-developed and delivered an extensive dementia care programme for Herts CC: one of the most comprehensive programmes in the country.

Helen was an informal carer for 8 years, for a close family member who had the Alzheimer’s disease, and so does have an understanding of the experiences from the perspective of an informal carer, not just a professional.

Helen is a member of the Nursing and Midwifery Council, Royal College of Nursing and Education and Training Foundation.

Debra Maddex – Trainer

Debra has worked for more than 20 years in training and facilitating groups in a variety of settings across different work sectors including Parent Support and Education, Elective Home Education, Children’s Playwork Practise & Engagement and Wellbeing in Dementia Care.

She initially worked in Children’s Residential Care and after starting her own family, spent 10 years as a Parent Network Coordinator supporting families across Herts, delivering Parenting classes and support groups. During this period, she electively home educated her two children and worked closely with voluntary groups to support Social Skills, Sports Activities and ran a drama group for 4 years.

Debra worked for several years with NHDC Children’s Services team to deliver Play projects across Herts, alongside training and mentoring new staff and midday supervisory staff in schools in Playwork Practice.

Debra also studied Children’s Counselling skills in schools, completing a foundation course with Place2Be and then gained an Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic and Educational Application of the Arts with the Institute of Arts and Therapy in Education.

Debra started her work in Elderly Residential Care in 2013 as an Activities and Engagement lead, and then went on to work as an Engagement and Wellbeing tutor, delivering many services across herts in both Elderly Residential and Dementia Care, while sometimes covering Adult L&D. She undertook training in Chair based Exercises, Otago Postural and Balance, Wheelchair Dancing, as well as delivering Reminiscence and Horticulture sessions. She trained and mentored Activity staff through a level 3 course in Engagement Practise and worked closely with care staff to support Mobility and Falls Prevention.

Dementia Care was a significant aspect of Debra’s experiences. She has been caring for a close family member with Dementia for the past 3 years and this has given her a direct experience from a family carer perspective. She also became a volunteer Dementia Friend Champion in her spare time.


Neil Bitting – Trainer

Neil is a highly experienced tutor who delivers a wide range of Health & Safety courses including First Aid, Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Infection Control, Moving & Handling, Medication and Safeguarding. These courses are delivered in the Health & Social Care sector, EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and to commercial and sports organisations.

Neil is also a highly experienced consultant. His consultancy skills have largely been applied within the following sectors:

1. Health & Safety risk assessments in Health & Social Care 
2. Pharmaceutical Industry – change management (culture development)
3. Pharmaceutical Industry – process management (financial and systems)
4. Pharmaceutical Industry – e-learning programmes
5. Pharmaceutical Industry – employee development programmes (Myers Briggs)

Neil is also a qualified Sports Therapist and spent 6 years at the Cambridge United Football Club as a Head Youth Therapist dealing with a wide range of acute and chronic injuries in children aged 6 – 16.

During his two years as a Lecturer in Sports Injuries at the North Hertfordshire College he provided sports injury consultancy to the Watford FC Academy scheme and to the Queens School in Bushey.

Neil is a licensed medical tutor for the Football Association.

In 2017 Neil successfully completed the Level 3 FREC (First Response Emergency Care) qualification and the FA (For All) Level 4 Trauma qualification.

Neil is a corporate member of the Association of First Aiders, the British Safety Council and the National Association for Safety & Health in Care (NASHiCS). He is registered with CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health), QualSafe, HABC and FAA Awards for delivery of Level 2 & 3 courses.

His courses are informal and relaxed which allows participants to fully engage with the topic and have an effective learning experience.

Jenny Stanley – Trainer

Jenny entered the social care field in 1991 as a Student Nurse in Harold Wood, Essex.  She chose to specialise in the field of Learning Disabilities but took a career break during her final year to start a family.

Following Jenny’s return to work, she remained in the field of Learning Disabilities and focused on working with individuals who have profound, multiple and sensory disabilities. Jenny then went on to take a more senior management role in 2000, which allowed her to gain new experiences and develop her knowledge of people and resource management. At a later stage of her life, Jenny undertook developmental work at a senior level, enabling her to gain invaluable experience in all aspects of project management.

As an individual, Jenny always rises to challenges and is naturally self-motivated and pro-active. She is a people person and enjoys working with others, particularly when guiding the learning of junior staff. She is also a very thorough person who has a proven track record of both crisis management and on-going management of care services.

Jenny has taken a particular interest in Autism over the last 17 years, which helped her learn about all aspects of Autism and led her into developing and teaching a range of bespoke Autism training courses that she has delivered in a variety of settings. Within the field of Autism, Jenny has a specific interest in sensory difference. As part of her career, Jenny led the development of a sensory integration team and created individual sensory activity plans based on the principles of sensory diet. She also designed and delivered several training packages in other areas of care such as the LD and SPLD fields in addition to a range of management-based courses.

Linda Miller – Trainer

Linda is a health care manager and trainer, currently working as a consultant across the NHS and for the private sector, specialising in training, home management, personal and organisation assessments, transition and performance improvement.

She has outstanding interpersonal and management skills with a proven track record of establishing high performing teams which deliver peak performance and provide the highest quality patient care. She is experienced in all areas of care home management from creating strategy and direction through to managing financial resources and legal frameworks.

Linda is particularly experienced in creating transition and remediation plans for failing or newly established care homes, creating and maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders (including customers, representatives, medical professionals, healthcare organisations and training providers) and the subsequent management of these projects through to their completion.   

Linda is an experienced personal and organisational assessor within the areas of NMC codes and guidelines, Care Standards Act using industry standard Quality Assurance Tools. 

Stanislaw Leszko – Trainer

Stan started his career in Poland in the field of physiotherapy where he completed a five year course. Here he gained a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology, which underpins his training delivery. Over the last seven years Stan has delivered over 300 moving and positioning courses across the sector. During this time he has gained a range of relevant qualifications in People Handling and Risk assessment, as well as PTLLS (teaching).

Stan also still practices in the area within older people services and is able to use a range of examples from his current practice to illustrate points. Stan’s delivery has evolved to having a strong focus on linking theoretical and practical delivery. Stan courses are relevant, engaging and fun.