Train the Trainer in Learning Disability and Dementia Programme

People with learning disabilities are now living significantly longer. However, as our population grows, they face age related health challenges. In addition, many people living with a learning disability experience significant inequality in accessing timely diagnosis and support. Some are at significantly higher risk of developing dementia, particularly those living with Down Syndrome. Risk reduction, timely diagnosis and targeted enablement strategies are all critical elements of wellbeing. However, working with learning disabilities and dementia is complex. Accessing a timely diagnosis and supporting independence where there are multiple co-morbidities remains a key challenge. This is leading to increasingly poor outcomes for those living with dementia. The presentation of dementia differs in this community and standard dementia awareness training is not fit for purpose.

This course provides candidates with all the resources to deliver effective, high impact training to support their workforce. The train the trainer course will equip staff with the knowledge they need to upskill their teams with a basic awareness in LD and Dementia.

Course Specifications

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Date of Course

This is a 3-day course. Participants will be expected to attend all three days and complete their assessments to receive their Learning Disability and Dementia training qualification.

Day 1: Wednesday 27th March 2019

Day 2: Thursday 28th March 2019

Day 3: Thursday 24th April 2019

Location of Course

Kayani Avenue
The Redmond Community Centre
N4 2HF

Cost of Course

The cost of the course is £649.99, which includes all registration and VAT costs. The price of the course reflects the Dementia & Learning Disabilities teaching qualification candidates would achieve upon successful completion of the course.

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