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Whose Responsibility is It? – Risk Reduction and Dementia (Bartle and Behrens)
Whilst attending a Dementia Partnership Board Meeting (our first in this area) to review their priorities, prevention was discussed. A
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Mental Health Awareness Week #MAW2017 – Read Sarah’s Story
Mental Health takes many forms and affects us in many ways, and it doesn’t discriminate between race, religion, colour or
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Why we changed our organisation from a ‘for profit’ organisation into a Social Enterprise.
I started to write this blog at the start of the year. Normally this is a time most people take
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Dementia Care Brochure
3Spirit Courses 3Spirit specializes in high quality learning resources and eLearning courses in health and social care training. / Share
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Dignity Action Day – Macro to Micro
Tomorrow is DIGNITY ACTION DAY. Follow the #DDA2017 for all the great working going on today to raise the importance
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Dementia in Nature
What a delight to offer this info graphic about dementia in nature, as the first for 2017. Inspired by the
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The Use of Technologies in Care Homes
Introduction In our work on the Vanguard projects in reducing hospital admissions to care homes we have been considering the
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LGBT and Dementia – Trish O’Hara
There is an estimated 1.2 million Lesbian,  gay,  bisexual transgender (LGBT) older people in the UK, many of which will
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Home Truths to Home Spirit
Last week the Kings Fund and Nuffield Trust produced a report, ‘Home Truths’, demonstrating the impact of the local authority
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