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LGBT and Dementia – Trish O’Hara
There is an estimated 1.2 million Lesbian,  gay,  bisexual transgender (LGBT) older people in the UK, many of which will
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Home Truths to Home Spirit
Last week the Kings Fund and Nuffield Trust produced a report, ‘Home Truths’, demonstrating the impact of the local authority
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Purchase our Infographics
Fun to Learn Purchase our info-graphics to use a single licence user to enhance your training or learning. Our infographics
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Inspired by Chris and Jayne – Positive Psychology in Dementia Care
  After an uplifting few days at Alzheimers Europe it has left me in a reflective mood. After a few
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State of Care Report – The Training Imperative
The CQC Report Issued in 2014/15  identified a number of safety concerns in the Adult & Social Care sector i.e. “A
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Ageing, sensory loss and co-morbidity
According to the Department of Health (2013) there are an estimated 15 million people with long term conditions which cannot
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Deprivation of Liberty
Are we Getting it Right? Trish O’Hara February 2016 I continue to have an believe in the necessity of adhering
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What Makes an Effective Dementia Care Trainer?
Since the first Dementia UK report in 2007 on the economic impact of dementia there has been a slow, but
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Art, Dementia. Communication, Connection and the Community
The umbrella term of ‘the arts’ comprises of a wide range of activities and outcomes, and art may be interpreted
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Sleep and Dementia
Many individuals may struggle with sleep at various points in their lives and impaired sleep may impact upon quality of
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Polypharmacy and Dementia
As health and social care trainers we straddle the medical and social model, and believe whole heartedly, holistic, and integrated
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Dehydration and Ageing
Potential impact of dehydration: Dehydration reduces the padding over bony points within the body and may lead to pressure sores.
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