Become a Certified Trainer in LD & Dementia

Train the Trainer in Learning Disability and Dementia Programme

Successful completion of this course will qualify candidates to teach LD & Dementia Training for the next 3 years.

People with learning disabilities are now living significantly longer. However, as our population grows, they face age related health challenges. This includes conditions like Dementia, Delirium, Hearing Loss, Sight Loss and many other conditions that would cause difficulties to older individuals with learning disabilities. Where there are multiple conditions present in a person with a learning disability, accessing a timely diagnosis and supporting their independence remains a key challenge. This makes working and caring for older individuals with learning disabilities more complex, which if not addressed, would lead to increasingly poor outcomes for them.

Key Facts: Approximately 50% of people with Down Syndrome will go on to develop dementia, and 45% of them now live to over 60. People with a learning disability are also 3 times more likely to develop dementia.

Support staff working in learning disability services need to be appropriately trained to spot dementia signs and be able to work proactively to determine individuals at risk. Once someone develops dementia, staff need to be trained in how to manipulate the social and physical environment to enable the person to function optimally through the progression of the condition. Rather than commissioning external trainers to train your staff members on Learning Disabilities & Dementia, you can train them internally (by qualifying a few to teach Learning Disability & Dementia training), which would save you costs in both the short and longer terms. Having a trained workforce will also enable you to work proactively in identifying those at risk of dementia and putting in place early interventions, saving money down the line.

This course is a 3-Day course over a period of 2 months, after which candidates will be granted a certificate that will enable them to start delivering LD & Dementia training for 3 years from the day of receiving their certificates.

Course Specifications, Learning Outcomes and Assessment Strategy

Click here to download our course information sheet, which details the aims of the Train the Trainer in Learning Disabilities and Dementia course, its learning outcomes and how candidates will be assessed.

Course Requirements

Staff attending should have already completed a basic awareness programme in dementia and should be working in a learning disability service. This course would suit individuals currently working at a level 3 senior support level.

Cost of the Course

The cost of the course is £649.99, which includes all registration and VAT costs. The price of the course reflects the LD & Dementia teaching qualification candidates would achieve upon successful completion of the course.

Learn More/Book Course

If you would like to learn more about the course, or would like to book a place onto it, you can email us here or call us on 01442 368464 .

Payment Options Available

You can pay in full or over termly installments. Please contact us to discuss payment options that would be suitable to you.

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